General meeting summary – May 24, 2014

Meeting Time: 7:59 PM – 9:00 PM

13 Knights in Attendance
DD Chris Kleisath in Attendance for Election
1 Visitor

There will be a 1st and 2nd Degree at Waterloo Council Hall on June 1st, 145 Dearborn Pl, Waterloo.
It will begin at 1:30PM. Please contact Paul Enticott (743-0908) if you are interested in attending. We have one new member that is planning on attending, your support would be greatly appreciated.

There will be a 3rd Degree at Waterloo Council Hall on June 22nd. It will begin at 1:30 PM and is followed by a sit down dinner. Cost for the dinner is $25.00. We have several gentlemen in the council who may attend. Please contact Paul Enticott (743-0908) for further details.

On Mother’s Day we once again had Rose Sunday. We distributed Roses for Life and raised approximately $270.00 from free will donations. The proceeds after purchase of the roses will be split equally between our local Right to Life organizations in the area. BirthRight and KW Right to Life will each receive approximately $100.00 each.
These funds help these organizations counsel women in alternatives to abortion and thereby protect the helpless.

We reviewed our expenses and income situation for the year and have sufficient funds to cover our needs for the year.

Chris Kleisath, our District Deputy gave a brief report from the State Convention:
Our Current State officers remain in place for next year with Kevin Daudlin as our State Deputy

At the State Convention our State Chaplain, the Most Reverend Bishop Colli, made an impassioned plea to ensure that our Catholic education system remains in place. During this election let your MPP know that you believe that we value a Catholic education option.

Bishop Colli also encouraged us to support the Martyrs’ Shrine with whatever funds we can.

Sept. 21st – Diocesan Vocations mass – St. Anthony Daniel church

The DD encouraged all members to come to the 3rd Degree if they haven’t been for a while. It’s worth seeing it.

In 2 yrs we’ll have the Supreme Convention in Toronto, there will be a need for volunteers and many 4th degree opportunities.

We completed our election of officers and will publish the new slate of officers soon.