General Meeting Summary – September 23, 2014

Knights of Columbus
Council 9276
September 23, 2014

Meeting Time: 7:45 PM – 9:00 PM

Our first full meeting of the new fraternal year had 18 members in attendance. An excellent turnout.

We also welcomed Chris Pugh, Faithful Navigator from Fr. Funcken Assembly #866 who spoke to us about the patriotic arm of the order. He encouraged us to learn more and left enrollment forms with Jamie Fralick. There will be a 4th degree enrollment ceremony on November 22nd at the St. Francis Xavier Church in Mississauga.

We will once again be having a Pasta Dinner in honour of Ennio Renon’s memory on November 2nd. It will be a little different from before in that the food will be prepared off-site and then served from the kitchen. As before we will have a salad bar. Unlike previous years we cannot sell tickets at the door as the food is made ahead of time and we must inform the restaurant ahead of time as to numbers of guests. Sherbert will be provided. Prices have been set at 12.00 per adult and 8.00(?) per child. Children under 2 will be served free of charge.

Sir Knight Bernard Crawley made an impassioned plea for the Knights to uphold the rights of the unborn. Abortion is still taking the lives of defenseless children and recent debates seem to be opening up the possibility for assisted suicide to be legalized. 40 Days of Life is once again sponsoring a silent prayer vigil outside of Freeport hospital. We are encouraged to sign-up online at

It was suggested that we should do what we can to support our Seminary students. Any support pledged by the council will be matched by Supreme.

Assistance is required to clean-up the mezzanine and boiler room. We also need to clean up the Christmas decorations prior to the Christmas Season to make for a little less panic at that time.

A large number of events are planned for the coming year. Champions are needed for them to get them up and running. Assistance will be provided. Please see the list posted on the website for details.