Brother John Deneau’s grandson needs our help!

Brother Knights,

Brother John Deneau brought this to our attention at the Knight’s meeting tonight! Hope many can make it to the event on Saturday evening, in support of his grandson!



GK 9276

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Help Jack achieve his goal for life changing spinal cord surgery

(Please read the accompanying page that outlines the journey for Jack!)

WHEN? SATURDAY November 22nd, 2014

WHERE? Royal Canadian Legion Hall, 524 Belmont Ave. (at Gage St.),
Kitchener ON

TIME? Fun starts at 7:30 PM

WHAT? A Time for all of Jack’s supporters to come together and raise funds as well as enjoy a great evening filled with games, prizes and dancing to Live Music! Snacks available.

PRICE? $10.00 a person ( All proceeds go to Jack’s Journey)

HOW TO OBTAIN TICKETS? (1) Call me (John) at 519-741-0434 to arrange purchase of the tickets [if no one at home, just a leave a message for a callback] (2) Purchase your tickets at the door of the Legion Hall Saturday Night.

SOME OF THE GAMES: 50/50 Draw; Toonie Toss; Golf Challenge; Crown and Anchor; etc.


  • Adult Cruiser Bike valued at $500.00
  • $75.00 Gift Card to Uptown 21 Restaurant
  • 2 Passes to a dinner and a Movie at Princess Café and Cinema
  • 2 Bath and Body gift baskets (Johnson&Johnson)
  • $50.00 Gift Card from Pita Pit
  • Bag of Best Seller Books from Wordsworth Books
  • Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Brewing System (with coffee singles)
  • $25.00 certificate to Taco Farm Restaurant
  • Prizes from the Natural Sports Store
  • and many more coming!


Thanks for your Help! John and Linda Deneau


An Invitation to Make a Difference:

Jack Rhiger is a confident, active 6 year old boy who doesn’t let the fact he experienced a stroke as a baby, slow him down. The stroke damaged the part of his brain that controls muscle tone and the movement of his left arm and leg predominantly, and mildly affects his right leg. When Jack was 4 months old, Jack’s mother, Carolyn Deneau, became aware that there was something wrong with his motor functioning skills.

After many trips to doctors in Kitchener, Toronto Sick Kids, St Joseph’s Hospital in London and McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Jack was finally diagnosed with hemiplegic cerebral palsy due to suffering a stroke. Jack’s journey has been full of many short-term treatments including serial casting to stretch tendons, constraint induced therapy to strengthen muscles and botox injections to allow the muscles to relax and stop continuous painful spasms. Jack has been a very motivated and diligent physiotherapy and occupational therapy patient over the last 5 years. Since he was about two years old, he has also worn a brace on his left foot and ankle to assist in walking and increase his mobility.

The injury to Jack’s brain is not progressive, however, the effects on his body are very progressive. Jack is growing fast and the damage to his foot, hips and knees will only increase. The pain experienced from continuous spasming will become more intense and Jack will experience many painful orthopedic surgeries throughout his life. After much research Jack’s mother, discovered a surgery performed only in the United States at the St Louis Children’s Hospital by a world renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. T.S. Park.

This spinal cord surgery is called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. Dr. Park has performed over 3500 surgeries since 1987. This surgery will greatly reduce the spasticity Jack experiences which will allow Jack’s muscles to grow normally and will give Jack long-term relief. The damage to his body will stop and he will be able to think of a future without pain and much more freedom and independence. The surgery is only offered in the United States and is not covered by OHIP. The cost of the Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery is US$39,000. Post SDR surgery Jack will also require a tendon lengthening surgery which will allow the muscles to grow normally after spasticity is lessened. Jack and his mother must stay in St Louis for at least 2 months after both surgeries, as he will require intense physiotherapy to relearn mobility skills. With all this taken into consideration Jack’s goal is to raise US$80,000. This surgery has the most impactful effect if performed before Jack is 7. Time is ticking. The surgery is scheduled to be performed in late 2014. Alone, this goal seems overwhelming and at times unattainable but I know with your help it is entirely possible.

We are holding a fundraising event on November 22, 2014, and are asking local businesses to contribute to this event. I hope this letter will inspire you to support Jack’s Journey with your gift, donation, or contribution today. Thank you for your consideration and if you have any further questions or require additional information please contact me, Jack’s aunt, Colleen Deneau, at 519-577-3114 or email at

In appreciation,

Colleen Deneau on behalf of Jack and Carolyn Deneau