General Meeting Summary – February 24, 2015

Knights of Columbus
Council 9276

February 24th, 2015

Meeting Time: 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Despite a cold day with lots of wind we had a good turnout for our General meeting. 13 members braved the frigid temperatures to join us to plan and review our activities.

During the previous month our Grand Knight, Doug Behl, attended a district meeting with the other leaders of the Knight’s councils in the area. During the meeting we were encouraged in our efforts to recruit other good Catholic men to help out in our efforts through socials, publication of our good works and emphasis on the fellowship available in our activities.

A review of our recent activities included:

  • A basketball free-throw where we saw representatives from all of the feeder schools for Resurrection Catholic Secondary School participate. At least two of those in the district meeting were able to compete in the provincial finals.
  • We were able to pass on the cheque for the Italian Dinner held in honour of Ennio Renon to the parish. The total of all funds passed on from the dinner was $700.00. These funds are ear-marked for paying down the mortgage.

We were fortunate that Father Don could attend our meeting. He discussed the following items with the Knights.

  • Day of Reflection – an open invitation to all men of the parish and beyond to take time from their secular concerns to concentrate on the things of the spirit.
  • Father also discussed the activities within the parish for the support of a Christian refugee family from the middle-east. The need is great as many Christians in the middle-east are actively persecuted, including the threat of violence, property confiscation and death.

During the meeting we recognized the difficulties of students in the current economy and made amendments to our membership fees to make it easier for young people to join the Knights. Please contact the Financial Secretary, Jamie Fralick if you are a student in University, College or the seminary.

We also discussed the first and second degree to be held in the parish hall on March 1st. This would be the first time it was held at St. Marks and we were looking forward to the opportunity to welcome three more members to our ranks and elevate four to the 2nd degree.

We discussed the results from the Pancake Supper as well. We estimated 130 people attended and profits amounted to $289.00 after all was said and done. Our 50-50 draw netted $90.00 for the knights. Our conclusion was that the sausages instead of ham was a good change-up and the logistical issues we were concerned about were handled well. Our praise and thanks go out to Paul Enticott, Nick Muza and all others involved in organizing it.

The February Potato Blitz has collected over 870 lbs as of the meeting. We are hoping to hit 1000 lbs.

Our Canadian Tire Money box was found and put back in the Narthex. We found over $100.00 worth of Canadian Tire money in it. This will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul for the care of the needy.

Prepared by:
Michael Serres
Recording Secretary, PGK