2015 – 2016 Council Executive

Please join me in congratulating our new executive team, elected at our May meeting:

Chaplain Father Don Sanvido
Grand Knight Alan Bendia
Deputy Grand Knight Oscar Sirju
Chancellor Geoffrey Rye
Treasurer Paul Enticott
Recorder Mike Serres
Financial Secretary Jamie Fralick
Lecturer John Deneau
Advocate Mike Lannan
Warden Bill Sawarna
Inside Guard  Larry Loth
Outside Guard  Pat Drohan
3 year Trustee Nick Muza
2 year Trustee  Jim Detzler
1 year Trustee  Bruce Cutting

Thanks to the entire council for your hard work over the past year, and for your support for me as Grand Knight.  Let’s work with Al and the new team to make 2015-2016 a great success!


Doug Behl
Soon-to-be PGK