General Meeting Summary – May 25th, 2015

Knights of Columbus
Council 9276
May 25th, 2015
Meeting: 7:45 PM – 9:05 PM

The general meeting for this month was our election of officers for the 2015-2016 year. We had an excellent turnout of 18 members for the meeting. Confirmed positions are:

  • Grand Knight: Alan Bendia
  • Deputy Grand Knight: Oscar Sirju
  • Chancellor: To be confirmed
  • Recorder: Mike Serres
  • Treasurer: Paul Enticott
  • Advocate: To be confirmed
  • Warden: Bill Sawarna
  • Inside Guard: Larry Loth
  • Outside Guard: To be confirmed
  • Trustees: To be confirmed

We would like to thank all the members of the executive that are retiring and thank all those that stood for election. Our installation ceremony and dinner will be organized during the June meeting and will probably occur in August to accommodate some members travel plans.

Our fund raising through the Charity Raffle is going well. We have only 9 or 10 books left to sell. We are going to be in the Stanley Park Mall during the week of June 8-15th. If anybody can help out please contact Bill Sawarna to see which slots are available.

We raised $214 through sale of roses on Mother’s Day. The proceeds will be split between Birthright and KW Right to Life.

The Knights will be assisting in the Corpus Christi procession on June 7th by carrying the canopy during the ceremony. This is an excellent opportunity to honor the Body of our Lord on this special feast day. The ceremony will be held immediately following 11:30 mass and all parishioners are encouraged to participate. The procession will occur on the church grounds so that everybody can approach the Eucharist. We require 4 men to hold the canopy during the procession. Volunteers should contact Gregory Merkley through the parish office.

Please remember Dave Flitton in your prayers. He recently suffered a heart attack and will be undergoing surgery soon. During his convalescence members of the parish are organizing meals for his family. Please contact the McCullough family or John Divine for details on how you can help. The contact details are posted on the Knight’s website.

We are organizing a social to wrap up the 2014-2015 season. At this time it looks like it will occur in June. A phone committee will contact members once final details are complete.

Meeting Summary – March 24, 2015

Knights of Columbus
Council 9276
March 24th, 2015
Dinner: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Mass: 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Benediction and Holy Hour: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Tonight we had a special social meeting and spiritual retreat to which all members of the Parish were invited. It was particularly held as an adjunct to a dinner attended by the Knights. Approximately 18 Knights attended the dinner and we were joined by about double that number for the Benediction after Mass.  We were joined by Vincent Longo, insurance representative for our area.

The dinner consisted of chili and kaiser buns with coffee and water for refreshment. The dinner was accompanied by strawberry yoghurt ice cream.

Following the Mass, Father Don delivered an interesting and thought provoking reflection on the Passion, focusing on the trial of Jesus.  This was followed by a short period Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, and then by Benediction.

Parts of the message include:

  • We are not recalling the past when we celebrate the Triduum. We are re-living the events of Jesus’ passion just as the Jews relive the Passover.
  • The choices made by the religious and political leaders of the time were between their conscience and the way of the world.  They did not choose to listen to their conscience; instead they chose to listen to voice of the world.
  • The bad choices that people made were made in the night.  Judas met the Sanhedrin at night to make his deal for thirty pieces of silver.  The Sanhedrin held Jesus’ trial at night.
  • It seems that it is easier to ignore your conscience at night.
  • Pontius Pilate had chances to do the right thing, up until he chose to listen to the people instead of his conscience. At that point Jesus had nothing more to say to him.
  • There were those who made Jesus’ last hours easier.  All the women at the cross were named Mary. All holy women are Mary.

I can’t do Fr. Don’s homily justice but this covers the main points.

Following the homily we were given the opportunity to reflect on the passion and what it means to us. We read the Passion according to St. John.

Fr. Don and Deacon Basil then completed the benediction and we concluded with hymns.

We would like to thank all those who participated; particularly John Deneau and Linda for preparing the chili, Michael Serres for obtaining buns, Paul Enticott for his reading of the Passion and of course Fr. Don and Deacon Basil for their thoughtful leadership of the benediction. I am sure many more helped out who I have forgotten.

Summary prepared by:
Michael Serres
Recording Secretary, PGK

General Meeting Summary – February 24, 2015

Knights of Columbus
Council 9276

February 24th, 2015

Meeting Time: 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Despite a cold day with lots of wind we had a good turnout for our General meeting. 13 members braved the frigid temperatures to join us to plan and review our activities.

During the previous month our Grand Knight, Doug Behl, attended a district meeting with the other leaders of the Knight’s councils in the area. During the meeting we were encouraged in our efforts to recruit other good Catholic men to help out in our efforts through socials, publication of our good works and emphasis on the fellowship available in our activities.

A review of our recent activities included:

  • A basketball free-throw where we saw representatives from all of the feeder schools for Resurrection Catholic Secondary School participate. At least two of those in the district meeting were able to compete in the provincial finals.
  • We were able to pass on the cheque for the Italian Dinner held in honour of Ennio Renon to the parish. The total of all funds passed on from the dinner was $700.00. These funds are ear-marked for paying down the mortgage.

We were fortunate that Father Don could attend our meeting. He discussed the following items with the Knights.

  • Day of Reflection – an open invitation to all men of the parish and beyond to take time from their secular concerns to concentrate on the things of the spirit.
  • Father also discussed the activities within the parish for the support of a Christian refugee family from the middle-east. The need is great as many Christians in the middle-east are actively persecuted, including the threat of violence, property confiscation and death.

During the meeting we recognized the difficulties of students in the current economy and made amendments to our membership fees to make it easier for young people to join the Knights. Please contact the Financial Secretary, Jamie Fralick if you are a student in University, College or the seminary.

We also discussed the first and second degree to be held in the parish hall on March 1st. This would be the first time it was held at St. Marks and we were looking forward to the opportunity to welcome three more members to our ranks and elevate four to the 2nd degree.

We discussed the results from the Pancake Supper as well. We estimated 130 people attended and profits amounted to $289.00 after all was said and done. Our 50-50 draw netted $90.00 for the knights. Our conclusion was that the sausages instead of ham was a good change-up and the logistical issues we were concerned about were handled well. Our praise and thanks go out to Paul Enticott, Nick Muza and all others involved in organizing it.

The February Potato Blitz has collected over 870 lbs as of the meeting. We are hoping to hit 1000 lbs.

Our Canadian Tire Money box was found and put back in the Narthex. We found over $100.00 worth of Canadian Tire money in it. This will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul for the care of the needy.

Prepared by:
Michael Serres
Recording Secretary, PGK

General Meeting Summary – September 23, 2014

Knights of Columbus
Council 9276
September 23, 2014

Meeting Time: 7:45 PM – 9:00 PM

Our first full meeting of the new fraternal year had 18 members in attendance. An excellent turnout.

We also welcomed Chris Pugh, Faithful Navigator from Fr. Funcken Assembly #866 who spoke to us about the patriotic arm of the order. He encouraged us to learn more and left enrollment forms with Jamie Fralick. There will be a 4th degree enrollment ceremony on November 22nd at the St. Francis Xavier Church in Mississauga.

We will once again be having a Pasta Dinner in honour of Ennio Renon’s memory on November 2nd. It will be a little different from before in that the food will be prepared off-site and then served from the kitchen. As before we will have a salad bar. Unlike previous years we cannot sell tickets at the door as the food is made ahead of time and we must inform the restaurant ahead of time as to numbers of guests. Sherbert will be provided. Prices have been set at 12.00 per adult and 8.00(?) per child. Children under 2 will be served free of charge.

Sir Knight Bernard Crawley made an impassioned plea for the Knights to uphold the rights of the unborn. Abortion is still taking the lives of defenseless children and recent debates seem to be opening up the possibility for assisted suicide to be legalized. 40 Days of Life is once again sponsoring a silent prayer vigil outside of Freeport hospital. We are encouraged to sign-up online at

It was suggested that we should do what we can to support our Seminary students. Any support pledged by the council will be matched by Supreme.

Assistance is required to clean-up the mezzanine and boiler room. We also need to clean up the Christmas decorations prior to the Christmas Season to make for a little less panic at that time.

A large number of events are planned for the coming year. Champions are needed for them to get them up and running. Assistance will be provided. Please see the list posted on the website for details.

General Meeting Summary – June 24, 2014

Knights of Columbus
Council 9276
June 24, 2014

Meeting Time: 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM

9 Knights in Attendance
DD Chris Kleisath in Attendance for Election

The 1st and 2nd Degree at Waterloo Council Hall on June 1st was attended by Henrique DaSilva, welcome to our new member. We were also able to have a few members attend the 3rd Degree on June 22nd including Henrique.

We are saddened by the unexpected loss of Dave Walser. He was a friend and dedicated member of the council. He was recently elected Treasurer of the council at the previous meeting. We pray for his communion with the Father in heaven.

We reviewed our year and acknowledge our reduced activity in the parish this year. We are convening a special meeting in July to plan our social calendar this year. We are also planning a more proactive approach on the spiritual well-being of the parish as well.

We will be holding our annual installation dinner on September 13th. All members of the council are invited to participate.

We will respond to the Vacation Bible School request for financial help by giving them $150.00. The youth of our parish are very important and must be nurtured in their youth.

We will hold a meeting in July to plan our activities. Please contact Doug Behl if you are interested in attending.

General meeting summary – May 24, 2014

Meeting Time: 7:59 PM – 9:00 PM

13 Knights in Attendance
DD Chris Kleisath in Attendance for Election
1 Visitor

There will be a 1st and 2nd Degree at Waterloo Council Hall on June 1st, 145 Dearborn Pl, Waterloo.
It will begin at 1:30PM. Please contact Paul Enticott (743-0908) if you are interested in attending. We have one new member that is planning on attending, your support would be greatly appreciated.

There will be a 3rd Degree at Waterloo Council Hall on June 22nd. It will begin at 1:30 PM and is followed by a sit down dinner. Cost for the dinner is $25.00. We have several gentlemen in the council who may attend. Please contact Paul Enticott (743-0908) for further details.

On Mother’s Day we once again had Rose Sunday. We distributed Roses for Life and raised approximately $270.00 from free will donations. The proceeds after purchase of the roses will be split equally between our local Right to Life organizations in the area. BirthRight and KW Right to Life will each receive approximately $100.00 each.
These funds help these organizations counsel women in alternatives to abortion and thereby protect the helpless.

We reviewed our expenses and income situation for the year and have sufficient funds to cover our needs for the year.

Chris Kleisath, our District Deputy gave a brief report from the State Convention:
Our Current State officers remain in place for next year with Kevin Daudlin as our State Deputy

At the State Convention our State Chaplain, the Most Reverend Bishop Colli, made an impassioned plea to ensure that our Catholic education system remains in place. During this election let your MPP know that you believe that we value a Catholic education option.

Bishop Colli also encouraged us to support the Martyrs’ Shrine with whatever funds we can.

Sept. 21st – Diocesan Vocations mass – St. Anthony Daniel church

The DD encouraged all members to come to the 3rd Degree if they haven’t been for a while. It’s worth seeing it.

In 2 yrs we’ll have the Supreme Convention in Toronto, there will be a need for volunteers and many 4th degree opportunities.

We completed our election of officers and will publish the new slate of officers soon.

General meeting summary – April 22, 2014

13 Knights in Attendance

Received portraits of Pope Francis and Carl Anderson
– They will be framed and hung in the meeting area
– Received our Council Star award for meeting our membership targets
– We also received awards from Supreme for our 25th anniversary as a council

The Council has paid our insurance for the year so now we can sponsor events with full coverage.

Men’s Retreat was a great success with 25 men showing up for the event. We will be continuing this worthwhile gathering and seeking to better publicize it to have a larger turnout next year.

Jamie Fralick is updating our council phone list with e-mails and phone numbers to allow timely communication with our council members. We will be contacting all members of the council after it is complete to verify the information.

Raffle tickets are available to be sold to your friends and neighbours. Please call Colm Dignam if you need some. We need all tickets returned by our next meeting on May 26. We will be setting up a table in the Narthex next Sunday to sell tickets.

Rose Sunday is coming up on May 11 (Mother’s Day). Please give generously to support our fight to protect human life from conception to natural death.

Our June Steak Fry is in the planning stages. We need some help to organize the event and setup. Please contact Doug Behl if you can assist.

We lost a great friend of the Council and Parish with the passing of Ennio Renon earlier this month. We mourn his loss and are examining appropriate means to commemorate his contributions to the parish.

Our pastor gave a stirring exhortation for us to fight the good fight for the sake of the world. We pray that his recovery from eye surgery will be speedy and complete.

Bingo at Forest Heights Long Term care next Monday, April 28. Please arrive by 6:30 PM if you can help out.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, May 26. Please come out to support the Council.